Friday, 28 June 2013

Student Work from teaching at Massey University

Here are some student examples from the Digital Illustration class I taught at Massey University, Wellington during the first semester of 2013. The first assignment was a movie poster and the second was Zbrush character design using Johnny Fraser Allen's Gloaming world as a base to design from.
This was the First time Zbrush had been used as an Assignment at Massey, it was a real privilage to be part of it and to have Johnny's incredible world to design from. Special thanks to Mike McAuley for putting the gears into motion for the Zbrush Assignment.

The students featured here are
Hamish Fraser
Phoebe Morris
Jasmin Walles
Mellory Smith
James Stuart Henderson

All work used with permission from Massey and the Students
Assignment 1 - Movie Posters -

Assignment 2 - Zbrush Character/Creature Design